[EVA] JSDF massacre scene

Gareth Ortiz gao203 at is7.nyu.edu
Thu May 7 02:17:33 EDT 1998

 "J.C. Howell" Wrote:

>For Gareth's info, I want to see it so I can feel what all of you are
>saying you felt when you first saw it. I don't want to watch it and
>cheer like some other Eva fans.

Whoops!  I meant "sick" as in "morbid."  Sorry for that.  I didn't mean it
as in "you are some kind of freak."  (That's how it sounded, right?)  I 
really didn't mean for that to be anywhere near as offensive as it 
sounded.  That was totally poor word choice on my part.  (Although  
"morbid" is a valid, if archaic, definition of "sick.")  Believe me, I  
wasn't trying to suggest that you would enjoy it.  (You do know that it is 
morbid though, right?)



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