[EVA] Is Rei Autistic?

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>I was just wondering, is Rei autistic?  This is just because I have an
>autistic cousin, and Rei acts just like her....poor grooming skills(dressing,
>cleaning the room), and one prized possesion to the point of insanity(Gendo's
>glasses), doesn't connect with other people , BTW, my dad's a doctor, and
>that these are all signs of autism.  Also, Ritsuko talks about mental
>instability of Rei(in ep 5 or 6), and then says "it couldn't be that" OTOH,
>Gendo spent  a lot of time with her, and not doing so is the usual cause of
>autism, so....is their a medical explanation for her behavior?  -Sumit

Considering that many of the symptoms of an autistic (or Aspergers
Syndrome, to be more precise in the case of Rei, since she is obviously a
great deal more higher functioning) are exhibited by Rei, even in the
attitude of Rei I (as seen in episode 21) one can postulate that Rei may be
suffering an intellectual dysfunction of this type.

Considering I have Aspergers Syndrome myself, and have, for years, been
fighting the impulses to "close myself off" from society (indeed, leaning
many of my social skills in a rote manner, rather than having them come
naturally to me) I immediately empathised with the character of rei.  She,
more than any other character, mirrors my own behaviour at the same age.

As you can tell, I've come out of my shell, somewhat, since then.  But
then, the disability I have erased the reflective memory of the first
eleven years of my life.  All my "real" memories come form that age,
onwards.  At 29, I have the mind of an 18 year old....

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