[EVA] Kusottare.....she said?

Christina Woog asuka_langley at rocketmail.com
Fri May 8 23:19:26 EDT 1998

Hheh...I remember in the Lit. Translation scripts
(And I think I remember it being in my episodes...)
that she might have said that in one of the last
episodes, where shinji is in that dream world, where
Asuka is his childhood friend, and Rei runs into them
on the way to school. This is a more...outgoing (?)
Rei, of course..and gets in a fight with Asuka...and
in the Lit. Trans. scripts she's says something to
the effect of "You Shit! Why are you defending him?
Is he your boyfriend or something?" and Asuka replies
something along the lines of "Childhood friends,
bitch!" ^^;; thats the only time I remember it being
said, and I don't even know if thats correct...oh
well...my two cents worth for once....A perpetual
lurker steps out of the shadows ::PP 


<ninnikutyasyu at geocities.co.jp> wrote:
> from  Re: [EVA] Autism?
> >>AH!! Rei is sooo cute there... especially when
she tells Shinji/Aska 
> >>"KUSOTARE!!!"..now that's kewl!!
> >
> Did Rai said "KUSOTTARE"? Really?  
> The word means "Sit! " in Japanese. So dirty word
that girls never said. 
> I think that is miss-translated. 
> What is the scene she said it?
> from 
> Hidari Jingoro

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