[EVA]Gendou's Last Name..(may contain spoilers)

Asuka Langley asuka_langley at geocities.com
Sat May 9 16:28:49 EDT 1998

Kaoru Nagisa wrote:

> Hmmm...
> I've been pondering this one for over a few months...
> why on Earth did Gendou change his last name from Robungi to Ikari when
> he married Yui Ikari??
> Shouldn't it be the other way round??

Usually, it IS the other way around. The wife takes on the family name of the
husband, and thereby leaves her own family and joins the other. However, there
are few exceptions... Say the wife is not in position to leave her home (as
wives do after they get married... Traditionally, they move into the husband's
household, while nowadays, they may just go out and get their own place to
live, provided that they are able) for whatever reason. Her parents are sick
and she is the only person left in the household, for instance. In cases such
as this, the husband can choose to take on his wife's family name and move
over to her side of the family. Traditionally, this also happened when
the wife's social status was very much higher than the husband's (Although in
this day and age, I'm pretty sure this is no longer a valid reason... Maybe

> My Japanese friends and my mom say that it has nothing to do with
> Japanese culture...I'm truly puzzled...

Just making a guess here, but it seems to me that nowadays, there won't be too
much emphysis on rather or not your spouse takes on your family name so long
as their child follows one side...


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