[EVA] Dead Sea Scrolls

CuSO4 chyung at topaz.hknet.com
Wed May 13 00:25:09 EDT 1998

On Tue, 12 May 1998, Scott T Burton wrote:
> Has anyone read any of the Dead Sea Scrolls, because I was on a webpage,
> and I read the Damascus scroll part, and it perfectly described Gendo
> having sex with Ritsuko's mother.  It was strange how accurate the
> description was for such an old document.  to find this type of stuff,
> just go on yahoo and search for dead sea scrolls.

I had seen part of the Deas Sea Scrolls in Isareli Museum in Jerusalem.
However, I cannot read the characters (I can only read Chinese, Japanese,
English, a little French/German).  What I remember the most is the design
of the building solely for the storage of the Dead Ses Scrolls.  Very 
er.. interesting.

Hope I answer your question.   ^_^;;

Ja ne.....CuSO4
ps. And I have been to Hakone, but I cannot find the Geofront/Nerv/3rd New
    And I have been to Antarctica, but I cannot find Adam/Light Giant/
    Katsuragi Exploration Team.


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