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>> Humanity places survival quite a big higher than
>>morality; if we need to kill a whole lot of people to save
>>the entire species, then so be it.
>Hum....I have a problem with that...what if the one needs to be killed
>is you? Yes, you. After all, that's what Nazi Germany claims back in the
>1940s, right? Save the quality race! Get rid of the others! That just
>doesn't hold up.
>>Humanity is simply a
>>more evolved version of apes, and our primary instincts are
>>still survival.
>Biological we are very similar, but it is very degrading to (me at
>least) think that human race (yourself included) is nothing more than
>>Morality was only invented by "civilized"
>>human beings, it has never been part of our biological
>Please define "civilized". Morality come in different forms depends on
>what part of the world you are from, but being "moral" is concept being
>share universally by different religions, culture, races. Yes, it is not
>something "built-in" but it is something that I consider a "must-have"
>to be consider as human.
>>The entire human species cares nothing about morality
>>when we're talking about survival, even if we have to live
>>with the guilt of killing innocent civilians; survival of
>>the human species allows no room for niceties such as morality.
>Again. Please, put yourself into the situation. What if you are target
>group that someone claimed needs to be illiminated (sp) from the face of
>the earth? Would you let them take your life? Now, pull yourself out of
>the picture, how can you justified that act?
>>It may be true that we will be living with guilt, but we are
>>alive; when you get down to it, that's all the human species
>>cares about.
>True, and yet there are still room for humanity.
>best regards.
Yup, that's about true. Us humans can be egotistic, greedy, canibalistic...
but, haven't there been people in the past who have given their lives for
others? was that because they wanted fame after their death or did their
consciene tell them to help someone other than themself? (i'm thinking a bit
about Shinji's reasons for piloting EVA) And well, if i was going to be
vaporized by aliens, I'd probably want to live. But really, all the human
race needs is two people to reproduce, that is if they were successful then
and after. So Shinji and Asuka were the only two left on Earth to continue
the human race. Or was that his dreamlike reality? I really dont know...
oops, was that a tangent?

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