[EVA] Re: JSDF- good or bad? Life and death

Gareth Ortiz gao203 at is7.nyu.edu
Thu May 14 06:42:58 EDT 1998

 "George Chen" Wrote:

>Great info there. Is there a web resource for these type of information?

A lot of this stuff can be found at Tufts University's "Rules of Warfare;
Arms Control" page at:


>Yes, and no. I am not going to argue with the legality of the order, but
>to the solide,r an order is an order. That's why in most of the war
>crime tribunal it is the one who gave the order get the trial.

Well, while realistically speaking, the War Crimes Tribunal almost never
bothers to put the "common soldier" on trial for "just following orders" 
they certainly have the authority to do so.  One of the things I quoted 
from the Nuremberg convention was the article relating to the fact that
under international law it is a soldier's moral obligation to disobey an
illegal order.  (See, Captain Sheridan was right in B5!)

>Hum. That's kind of Gendo's argument don't you think?

Eh?  I'd like a little elaboration here.  His motivations are foggy
enough, so I'd appreciate a bit of an explanation. ^_^



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