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Thu May 14 01:37:41 EDT 1998

> "Kaoru Nagisa" Wrote:
>>Well...'Iron Maiden' ( correct translation )
>'Fraid not.  Ignoring the fact that "Girlfriend of Steel" is Gainax's 
>official English title for the game, you can see the original Japanese
>title at Gainax's web site at: 
>You can see the title of the game at the top of the page and on the 
>of the Playstation and Saturn version boxes.
>The first word is composed of two kanji.  Those kanji are read as 
>"koutetsu," which is indeed "steel."  "Iron" would be "tetsu," 
>of only the second kanji in "koutetsu."  The next word is the 
>particle "no," as written in hiragana.  In this case, it does indeed 
>translate to "of."  The final word is written in katakana.  It is 
>"gaarufurendo."  I hope you can recognize that this is indeed the 
>word, "girlfriend."  So, yes, the title does actually translate to 
>"Girlfriend of Steel."
>Many thanks to my sister for this effort.

okay..that is true...but Gainax isn't a company that made the 
Japanese-English/English-Japanese dictionary...
and plus..Koutetsu no Girlfriendo was supposed to be only released in 
Japan..but because of the ammount of demand..well..u know...
'Koutetsu no Girlfriendo' is the japanese title...
direct translation = Steel's Girlfriend
better translation = Girlfriend of Steel
proper translation with a few kinks to make it sound like what they 
(Gainax) wanted it to mean in English with all our slangs and special 
phrases = 'Iron Maiden'

this is so because i have a few japanese frens and one of them is my 
mom...so..i hope u did get the picture....
If u a intermediate at Japanese or English...u would get Girlfriend of 
Steel...if u r a whack out pro..then u SHOULD get "Iron Maiden"...
i hope that clears it up...
if u say i'm wrong..then i have no idea why the japanese make a game 
that they don't even know what their game's name meaning is...
i confirmed with the japs in my skool...say 'Iron Maiden' to them..they 
understand EXACTLY what it means.... 

so please...not EVERYTHING i say is wrong....

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