[EVA] JSDF- good or bad? Life and death (spoilers)

James Gilmer grey7 at ismi.net
Thu May 14 23:46:37 EDT 1998

Umm...sorry the thread went a little off topic. But what I was trying to say
(Gareth mentioned B5's Captain Sheriden) is that the soldiers are not
automons. A lot of you out there may have had a chance to study the scences
in question closer so maybe you can tell me:Did any of the soldiers
hesitate? Did anyone look disgusted?Did anyone drop their weapons? Even at
the My Lai massacre soldiers refused/ or held back from commiting wholesale
slaughter. BTW, ddoes anyone really think the JSDF soldiers knew why they
were commiting those acts? Of course not, but as Gareth stated: Under
International rules of engagement they commited war crimes, period! But hey,
think abouut this: Is anyone on the Salior Moon ML having a discussion of
human nature? That's the magic of Evangelion, Anno poured so damn much into

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