[EVA] Few thoughts on D&R

George Chen george at netobjects.com
Fri May 15 01:43:13 EDT 1998

Finally got the chance to watch D&R on VCD (quality pretty bad but now
at least I saw it) and here's some observations:


The South Pole (Second Impact scenes). I actually have a change to
listen (and read) to it much closer and as some of you might know, it's
conversation between Keele and Gendo...Keele mention the scientific
community (in year 2000 obviously) is only interested in the excitement
of discovery but not interested in the actually understanding of the
problem...maybe some can transcribe that better... 


The "concert" scenes were supposedly took place 18 months ago (stated by
the Kanji) before the final ordeal in D&R and EOE. I come to conclusion
that the TV series is 18 months in length. Also, there's a very good
chance Shinji used to live in Neo Tokyo-02. As far as Asuka, Rei, Kaworu
showing up for the *practice* it's more like out of Shinji's

One unexpected quote from Gendo in the movie, "death will achieve
nothing" during his last meeting with SEELE (in the scene Fuyutsuki was
also there). I guess that confirmed Gareth's theory (or is it your
theory, Gareth?) that SEELE's version of HCP involve killing the entire
human race which Gendo's version is different.

SEELE did came across to me that they did try the "peaceful" approach to
take over NERV (by hacking MAGI first). Without success *then* they
order the A-801. Still, from how things worked out in the movie, I
believe we will still have mass massacre even NERV surrender and MAGI
being disabled.

Death part is much better edited than I expected. Way better.

The WOW broadcast (which is what this VCD based on) certainly missed
some new scenes that's being added to Genesis 0:11 release in Japan. I
consider some very important scenes of Asuka is missing.

More thoughts follow....should go to sleep now....


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