[EVA] Unit-01 properties

Mark Page ayanami at merlin.net.au
Sat May 16 06:34:22 EDT 1998

At 01:41 PM 5/15/98 -0700, you wrote:

>On the topic of angel's, in Ep. 21, the angel destroys the 21 layers 
>of armor that protects the geofront. Makoto sees this as quite a 
>feat, yet in Ep. 1, the angel breaks through the armor with it's 
>blast and no one seems to react as much. Just a continuity problem, 
>or maybe they didn't think as much of it? Hmmmmmmm.......

In many of these cases, it tends to be a minor continuity error....  Not
enough checking of the series' own canon when these episodes are written.
It is the job of the script editor to clear these things out, but even the
best script editor can make mistakes.  In this case, it is a relatively
minor one, but annoying all the same.

Mark Page

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