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Micah Potasnik potas at i-55.com
Sun May 17 02:09:18 EDT 1998

katie pilchowski wrote:
> My goodness...I've only seen the Eva episodes that have been released in
> the US, and somehow in all my perusal of the FAQs and English web pages
> on the Internet, I somehow missed the crucial fact that the "soul" issue
> is resolved in the as-of-yet-unreleased movies.  I think I have to
> apologize for sounding dumb...

No problem. Misinformation regarding Eva is a rampant plauge on the

> Well, now that I know...it seems so sad that the interface between human
> and Eva comes at such a high cost, 


both to the pilot and his or her
> mother.  

That depends on wether or not it's voluntary.  

Of course, I like the way this series explores pain and
> loneliness (or I wouldn't have dropped over $200 on videos *smile*).
> But this is too much...I need to process this.  I'm not really sure what
> it means for Rei (who is the "soul" in Unit 00?)

Using good old elimination, plus a statement from Ritsuko(if you really,
really want me too I go and find it, but it's 1:00 am and I *really*
don't feel up to it) after Eva-00 went bonkers once, the majority(I
think) lean toward Ritsuko's mom being in Eva-00.  For the Record:


Eva-01:  Yui Ikari
Eva-02:  Asuka's Mom(I forget her name, Kyoto, I think.)
Eva05-13:  No souls, Kaworu Dummy Plugs


Eva-00:  Ritsuko's Mom(My opinion, of cource.  Her name is Naoko, I
Eva-03:  Touji's Sister(majority belief I think)

, but it clearly changes
> how I interpret Asuka's interface with Unit 02.  I think it makes me
> like her more, if that makes sense.

Put's her into perspective, certainly.  

> Of course, lest you think that I am taking this _too_ much to heart, I
> do realize that it's "only" a TV show

This is Evangelion.  It isn't just "only" anything.  

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