[EVA]???What is Bardiel???

Magi k96mm04 at cc.kzoo.edu
Sun May 17 12:39:13 EDT 1998

On Sun, 17 May 1998, Tay Seo Long wrote:

> This may have been discussed in this ML before, but what the hack is
> Bardiel? A virus? A computer virus? A protozoa? A bacteria? And how did it
> infected Eva-03 and turned it into and angel? To me, Bardiel is like

You remember when the US plane is fling throgh the clouds and some funky
lightning happens?  I'd assume that thats when the big B mage it's
entrance.  Essentialy it seems to hold the plug into the EVA so it stays
operating, while it pulls the switches.  As to the type.....  Well....
We've seen Angels as small a a virus, so that's where I'd put my cashola.

Matt McConnel

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