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Tom Rothamel tom-pine-1 at computerworks.net
Mon May 18 10:53:20 EDT 1998

On Mon, 18 May 1998, Patrick Yip wrote:

> >Well...'Iron Maiden' ( correct translation )
> The first word is composed of two kanji.  Those kanji are read as 
> "koutetsu," which is indeed "steel."  "Iron" would be "tetsu," consisting 
> of only the second kanji in "koutetsu."  The next word is the possessive 
> particle "no," as written in hiragana.  In this case, it does indeed 
> translate to "of."  The final word is written in katakana.  It is 
> "gaarufurendo."  I hope you can recognize that this is indeed the English 
> word, "girlfriend."  So, yes, the title does actually translate to 
> "Girlfriend of Steel."
> ## Not to say that "maiden" means "virgin" and so "Iron Maiden" should 
> ## be translated as "Tetsu no Shojo" (note that there is no long-sound
> ## after 'sho' :-)

(Sorry about the long quoting.)

All parties are right. The japanese title does translate to "Girlfriend
of Steel". However, GAINAX, in their infinite obfuscation, has put forth
that the official english title (on the box) is "Iron Maiden". 

This is similar to the way that "Shin Sekai Evangelion" =~ "New Century
Evangelion" becomes "Neon Genesis Evangelion".

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