[EVA] My fanfic idea.

Andrew Huang alhuang at hcs.harvard.edu
Mon May 18 12:46:01 EDT 1998

> Anyway, here's the question.  This is for a fanfic I'm working on.
> We all know that Asuka is in love with Shinji, but openly denies it.  
> What do you think it would take for her to truly fall in love with 
> someone else and maybe eventually marry that person?
	Quite a lot, especially considering all the crap every character
goes through in the EVA universe. I've done my angle on the Shinji-Asuka
relationship, though, in two of my fics.

> The reason I'm asking this is because I have an original character that 
> I'm placing in this fic.  He and Asuka fight like cats and dogs in the 
> beginning, but eventually fall in love with each other.
	<stony silence>
	This has been done by Eyrie; their inserted fellow DJ Croft
<bleargh> somehow managed to catch Asuka, and they did fight like cats and
dogs earlier.
	My suggestion, though, is if you have a new character, don't make
'im anything like Croft. I also frown upon any pairing other than Shinji
and Asuka concerning those two. That may just be the fanboy in me
speaking, but to not do it just irritates me, claiming some sort of copout
somewhere. Honestly? Well, you asked about what it would take for Shinji
and Asuka to really fall in love, why not write about that? My own setup
has a few flaws, certainly; it's something to be worked on.

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