[EVA] Pilots (spoiler)

Lord Stakumae cschlade at dlcwest.com
Tue May 19 17:30:40 EDT 1998

After reading sooooo many people's opinions about who is in unit 00. I
thought I should tell my thoughts on it (they seem to contradict lots of
the other people's theories). I will just list and explain why Naoko could
not (or at least doesn't seem like she could) be in unit 00:

1) Not many people bother to think about the fact that she kills herself. I
believe that this happened right after she killed rei 1. Though you could
argue that the same thing happened with her that happened with Asuka's mom
(got soul taken, then went nuts and killed herself). But I think that most
of the evidence points to her just killing herself because she killed rei 1.

2) People say that it MUST be her because she attacks Gendou and Rei. First
off, unit 00 attacking gendou does give some support to the Naoko claim.
But you also must consider the second attack.... the attack on rei II. Why
would Naoko attack Rei II. She did insult Naoko. But if you watch the show
and see Naoko's expression after she realizes that she killed rei I, her
expression is that of suprise and disbelief (and presumably kills herself
because of it). Why in the world would she want to kill Rei a second time
when she couldn't stand herself when she killed her the first time.

>From these points the main points are: She wouldn't kill rei again because
she couldn't even believe she did it the first time (it was just because of
rage that she did it the first time) and that there is no way (you could
argue otherwise....... somehow) that she could have gotten her soul taken
out because she kills herself RIGHT after she kills Rei I (watching ep 21
shows this to be an almost indisputable fact (come on someone, teach me
otherwise ^_^) by the dialogue, etc, etc.

I will post more when I think of other stuff. Come on those of you who are
on my side. Support me, give us your thoughts.


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