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Wed May 20 08:35:05 EDT 1998

At 05:49 PM 5/19/98 +0200, Uri wrote:
>Well IIRC Dummy Plugs are made of Rei's soul and they had that one before

Dummy Plugs don't _have_ souls. They're made from from personal patterns of
Rei (NERV version) and Kaworu (SEELE version).

>any other soul because they passed it on to Rei 1. So if you had Rei's soul
>on 00, it would really attack Gendou because she has been her toy for a long
>time, she would attack Rei2 because she is obeying Gendou and because it's
>her actual substitute, and could possibly attack Ritsuko because of what her
>mother did to her.

There is only one soul for Rei. It's been confirmed in the Red Cross Book.

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