[EVA] Who killed Kaji?

Alpharyu Alpharyu at aol.com
Wed May 20 02:41:58 EDT 1998

one line. kill this stupid kaji was killed by misato issue. if you choose to
believe that, then fine, go ahead, but don't throw it on others. for one thing
its an idea inyour mind. if you choose to believe it the go ahead. but for one
thig i don't it makes no sense to fel all like crap even though you killed the
guy. Also stop arguing about that stupid crap. its someone's beliefs, if you
want to make evangelion into a closed case issue with everything having to do
with something else, and you want all the pieces to fall into place then your
full of $hi! because guess what, its like life, nothing really fits into
place, instead of spending your life trying to find out the big secret, just
njoy it. take it for what it is. ENTERTAINMENT. and if you think i'm full of
it when i tel you things and say that i have no point then your ignorance
shows through. for one thing this mailing list should not be for lame @$$
pointless reasons as to give false ideas of evangelion, it is to inform each
other with reall issues of the story, such as release dates, news, and vitail
information concerning the whole show, as well as questions for new people.
This list is not to spread stupid rumors about the release of the movie, give
comments on YOUR IDEA OF WHAT REALLY HAPPEN. in reality, al you can do is make
a opionated view on the issue, if you feel after watching the series that
misato killed kaji, then you are more then welcomed, but don't spread it
around makeing it seem like fact because guess what, your no worse then those
stupid web sites that give out fake timelines and events, and information.
when you state a spoiler, you should always address it as a spoiler, as well i
say you should state opioions as your idea. or you take on the issue, and look
at both sides of the story, if the other side makes no sense then you have
reason to complain, but don't just say something because you feel it is your
great need to address on the issue of something that you think happened. No
one knows who killed kaji, no one will ever know truly. so just hang back with
the stupid spoilers, and ideas. save this mailinglist becasue as it is, it is
full of useless crap ad mindless dribble of spam and other crap. save some
room on the other persons mail box for christ sakes. 

-j j

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