[EVA] i don't want to annoy anyone, but.. (One Liner)

Kaoru Nagisa kaoru_nagisa at hotmail.com
Wed May 20 18:22:52 EDT 1998

> Hmmmm...( again )....

i just discussed AGAIN!!...now they have theorised that either Fuyutsuki. or
Gendou did it....
now Gendou would be more likely....
hmmm....okay...i think Gendiu is a cold hearted bastard that has sex with too
many people to get wat he wants...i bet he would have had sex with his mother to
get some ice cream....
okay...scratch that.....

Gendou would have EVERY reason and motive to...,,,but..he could have ASKED
Fuyutsuki to kill Kaji...so..o well....
i know this is *NOT Exactly* confirmed...but i think he sent Rei 1 to try and
get Naoko killed..or heavily insulted...that just shows ( if that's true ) that
he always uses people to do stuff for him...like when Naoko finished **part** of
the Magi system...he threw her away..and same with Ritsuko...maybe the same with
Kaji??...but he used someone else to do it....like..maybe Fuyutsuki...or
I'm not siding anybody....but i do hope to have some support and improvements on
my theory.... especially the experts.. (hint,hitn Gareth & Patrick...)
that's all for now..... ^_^

> >i just discused with a few fren's who r EVA Otakus...this includes Japanese
> >and Taiwanese.....and from what it seems...all the evidence leads to the
> >Proffeser...i forgot his name...i think he is also called
> >Sub-Commander....Kouzou..i think.,...
> Fuyutsuki. Those guys must really be otaku's.
> >Well...anyway...as like u guys said..Kaji said, "What took you so long to
> >come ( out )"...
> >this also..according to my fren's and other books...that this was after
> >Kaji released Kouzou...and...well...""bang""...but i also thought to
> >myself..." If they captured Kouzou,,,
> >wouldn't they confinscate his weapons??".
> Not for sure. He was captured for a "meeting". They could have left him his
> weapon. Though, it isn't very likely that they would have done something
> like that.
>  that's another thing that bugs
> >me...unless...Kaji was stupid enough to give the Sub-Commander a weapon (
> >pistol ) to him before letting him out...
> Kaji was friends with Fuyutsuki and had respect for him. Kaji probably
> wouldn't have given Fuyutsuki his gun back unless Kaji feared for
> Fuyutsuki's life after he let him go and as we have seen, he lives for some
> time after.
> >    If anyone has prooven evidence against that..then duke it out with
> >me...
> Like I have said, it *could* have been Fuyutsuki, it *could* have been his
> informant, he *could* have been killed by Misato or anyone almost for that
> matter. Misato is a likely choice (though taking into account Anno's
> reaction when proposed with the question and possible Misato answer to it.
> I wouldn't hold that theory very high). Well, back to the fight.......
> Fuyutsuki is not a likely choice because he was just released from their
> "jail" (if you could call it a jail, whatever the hell it was). He probably
> would have went back to Nerv. Kaji had time to talk to him when he released
> him, so why wait........ the room was bugged ??? yeah, possible answer.
> Also, why would Fuyutsuki kill him, he had no reason to do it, he didn't
> seem mad at him when he was released (then again, neither did Misato) and
> they probably wouldn't send *him* to kill a special operative.
> Round 1 Stakumae (at least it seems like that to me :))
> Stakumae
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