[EVA] Pilots (spoiler)

Uri org at nil.fut.es
Wed May 20 12:32:41 EDT 1998

Patrick wrote;

>That is actually a VERY good point. I never thought of it in that way (my
>events seemed to happen sort of together). Given the recent explaination of
>your theory I would have to say that it COULD be plausable. IF it happened
>like that (which there is NO proof of).
>## Yeah, there is no proof of that. At the end I have accept that it is
>## just a theory, and I'll never state this as a fact unless I see
>## official that supports that "Naoko in 00" theory.

Will you ever see it. I mean where do you expect to see that remaining

>I believe that it applies to both in a way. The way I am trying to prove
>things is to think about what happened (what we saw, etc) and try and
>figure out what should have happened, what most possibly happened, and then
>try and come up with proof for it. I COULD make up other things (not saying
>you make up stuff) and come up with other theories, but then those theories
>wouldn't go along with the facts (or possibly percieved facts).
>## Yeah, but in this string of arguments, you are on the attacker side,
>## attempting to pierce holes in my arguments without establishing a
>## theory of your own. So your main work would be more like to disprove
>## things rather than "to prove things", as you said above.
>>## If only the glass had a soul inside, ha ha ha!!
>*S* maybe there was. When the glass broke, some of it exploded out as if
>someone were in there and trying to get out and go and kill the ceiling
>(the glass soul and the ceiling soul have a little bit of a problem with
>each other *L*).

Or the chalk, maybe Gendou punished Naoko and transfered her soul onto a
piece of chalk, and then she faked her suicide by drawing her former body on
the concrete.(because we never saw her body) And now no one knows that she
is alive in a good university, having a passionate romance with a smooth
blackboard everyday ^_^.

>>## Seems you are feeling a bit isolated? Getting allies?
>Damn rights I'm feeling isolated. Allies... ?????? what allies, I have no
>allies. I believe that Uri is with me and I believe that Tom is sort of
>with me (yet I am not sure if he is with me or just not with either of

Yes basically I am.

>Hah, I'll teach you. I can get TONS of allies. I will just go make a very
>spazzy looking web page with a funky like "The official source of
>evangelion information by Anno and Rei". Then I will put my point of view
>on the page as a main subject and tell it as though it were a fact, then
>all the newbies will read it and then come here (I will make sure to
>suggest subscribing to the ml) and then they will all be on my side (oh
>yeah, what a good plan *S*). Heck, who's to say other's haven't used that
>very method in the past. *L*

Or writing a RCB part II script, because everyone in this ML takes it as the
Eva Bible (or SDSS) ^_^

Uri <org at tinet.fut.es>

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