[EVA] Who Killed Kaji

Eric Givens EGIVENS at hope.gordonc.edu
Wed May 20 10:54:09 EDT 1998

>Also, even though they were both using each other for their
>own means, their relationship is MUCH deeper than that.

Alright, this is the careful interpretation of my Japanese friend:
Misato sold her body to Kaji in order to gain information. This was her
goal, no matter how much she seemed to enjoy the actual act. She doesn't
really *love* Kaji anymore (although he has not lost his feelings).

	What are some other opinions onthe nature of Misato's and Kaji's
	realtionship at the time of his death.  The scene a few episodes
	back of them walking after the wedding (when Misato was drunk)
	was a watershed for these two.  They are not a "couple", but
	after all they have been through I think they are slowly being
	drawn back together.

	As far as them using each other, Kaji doesn't have any motivation
	to use Misato; he knows much more than she does.  And all of Misato's
	information that she has received was freely given by Kaji.  He wants
	her to know the truth-he risks his life to tell her the truth.  I 
	think that says a lot about how he feels about her.

>5) Finally, after Misato is released and asks where Kaji is, immediately
>that we see the scene with the fan.  What is the time-line here?  Can we
>that since Misato presumably doesn't know where Kaji is then she wouldn't
>time to find him.  The way Kaji greets the person indicates that it was a 
>planned meeting, set up ahead of time.

Irrelevant. Hours could (must) have passed in which Misato could call him and 

	I will admit that we cannot truly discern how much time passed between
	the scenes.  However, if Misato had any contact at all with Kaji at 
	any time between the abduction of Fuyutski and Kaji's death, the 
	scene with the aswering mahcine looses ALL of its effectiveness and 

	Boy, this is fun! ^_^ This is what a ml is for folks!  If you don't
	agree, as others have already said, you don't have to read the Kaji/
	Misato posts.  But for all of us who view Evangelion as much more
	than simply 'entertainment' this is what it's all about.  In this
	case alone, bu discussing and understanding more about Kaji's death
	we can understand more about SEELE, about NERV and especially about
	Misato; we can learn and explore what each of these means us and how
	they fit togehter with the whole.  

	There is no concrete answer to this and many of the other mysteries
	of the series (unless Anno opens his yap!), but are we really looking
	for a concrete answer, or are each of us exploring what the series
	means to us.  It all depends on your school of interpretation

	Comments welcome, please ^_^


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