[EVA] WhO kIlLeD kAjI???? (Whee eh but...)

Mark Page ayanami at merlin.net.au
Thu May 21 01:36:54 EDT 1998

At 01:41 AM 5/20/98 EDT, you wrote:
>one line. kill this stupid kaji was killed by misato issue.

and other such crap.

And then you wrote....

>sarcaism goes a long way in this mailing list,

Now....  either your first mail was a load of crap, or it was serious.

But before I go on, I'd just like to say that I am INTERESTED in the "Who
Killed Kaji" thread, and since it is the purpose of the ML to discuss such
things in a mature and reasonable manner, and the subject itself has not
been banned by Tom afaik, then I must say that mail, telling people to
shutup, was immeasurably more immature than anything even my pathetic
little brain could drag up.

It doesn't matter or not whether the concept of Kaji being killed by Misato
disturbs you.  You're watching a series which turns on its head every
preconception about every character (well, as much as is possible).  Our
preconception is that Misato MUST be good.  Anyone with that bad a
childhood experience must grow up a nice person.  And indeed, she is
presented as an open, sympathetic character.  On the other hand, Kaji is
presented as anything but likeable, being selfish, self-centered and
irresponsible.  The fact that Kaji seems, ultimately, to be doing the right
thing doesn't apparently enter into the bargain, and neither would the
possibility of Misato doing something wrong.

Do I make any sense?  I begin to wonder, sometimes....

Mark Page
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