[EVA] Release dates for Japanese 0:13 and 0:14

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Subject: [EVA] Release dates for Japanese 0:13 and 0:14

>For those who haven't seen it already, Gainax's web site has announced
>a release date of 8/12 for Genesis 0:13 and 9/9 for 0:14!  As far as I
>can tell with my nearly non-existant kanji ability, 0:13 will contain
>the TV episode 25 (in CAV on side A) and "Air" (in CLV on side B), and
>0:14 will contain the TV episode 26 and "Magokoro o, kimi ni" (in the
>same format).  
>Can someone who reads Japanese better than me confirm these details?
>The website is as http://www.gainax.co.jp/ and then look under "What's
>New?" and it's the 5/19 entry in "Official News".

You are correct in all details.  It sure is a good thing that they do 
not "forget" the original TV episodes.  I am still waiting for the DVD
release of vol.6+.

Ja ne
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