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Fire Drake fire_drake at rocketmail.com
Thu May 21 14:00:16 EDT 1998

> Hi People!
> I was thinking... The second angel... Who is the second angel? I
know this
> topic is very old but i like to know opinions ... Is Lilith the
Second Angel?

You know, I have to wonder why people don't ever get tired of hearing

Okay, Lillith is NOT, CAN NOT, and IS NOT (did I say that already?)
the Second Angel.  Why you have asked WAY too many times...

Because Lillith CREATED the Angels, which means she came Before them
and is seprate from them.  Lillith is the Source of Life, and is not
an Apposile or an Archangel.  Lillith is NOT an Angel, can not be an
Angel.  Lillith CREATED the Angels (how many times have I said this?)
and therefor can not have created herself.  Lillith created ADAM, so
can't have come after him.  Adam, according to the RED CROSS BOOK, the
bible of Eva, IS THE FIRST ANGEL, and since Lillith came BEFORE Adam,
Lillith can NOT be the Second Angel.  This is SIMPLE LOGIC.

Sorry to rave, but I've made these points before.  The Red Cross Book
states that Lillith is NOT an Angel, but the creator of the Angels. 
It also states that Adam is the First Angel.  These are facts.  This
is not my Opinion, this is a soild, written, cold, hard, FACT.

There are NO THOUGHTS OR OPINIONS on this matter, because it is
conviently WRITTEN down for all of us to read.  Copys of the Red Cross
Book are posted on the net, and sent to THIS LIST on a semi-regular
basis.  Find a copy and READ it.  There should be a few in the

Please, for the sake of my sanity, if you have been here long enough
to know that this is an old thread, DON'T ASK AND DRIVE ME FUTHER

Now, just so you don't think I've gone too far, I have no problem
talking about what the Second Angel might be as long as Lillith is not
an option.  Lillith is not the Second Angel.  Who or what WAS is a
good topic, and one that I am willing to participate in.

My personal fave theory is that Pen Pen is the Second Angel... that or
Pen Pen is god.  (this is meant to amuse people...)

Sorry to vent, but I was at a page earlier that listed Lillith as the
First Angel and Adam as the Second... made me want to stick a Prog
Knife up... well never mind.

A mildly irate Tashi Nagato.
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