[EVA] question on angel attacks

DPattanaik DPattanaik at aol.com
Fri May 22 16:40:38 EDT 1998

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ap360197 at oak.cats.ohiou.edu writes:

<< There are what, 3 NERV branches around the world, supposedly?  So are the
 Angels only attacking Tokyo-3, or are there others also attacking the US
 branch(before it disappeared) and the German branch, and we just don't
 hear about it?
 Also, I've heard rumors that Gainax is releasing Genesis 0:14, is this
 Aaron >>
The 3rd Branch has something that the angels want, Adam...(at least, that's
what the angels think)  Yes, Gainax is releasing 14, containing both the TV
ep25 and the movie Death and Rebirth.

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