[EVA] Anime Convention--Canada!

Neow Neow kalyno at yesic.com
Sat May 23 02:01:22 EDT 1998

If anyone on the mailing list lives in the vicinity of Toronto, or near
the border in the states, than this message may mean something to you.

CN Anime is coming up in June (26-28), Their showing the ADV done
episodes of 25&26
    -But its going to be totally commercialized, so no fan-subs (I'm not

Anime North, is in August, I may go, they will probably show
Death:Rebirth, and possibly End of Evangelion, it'll be worth it to go.
    -I may go, though it'll cost twice as much to go, but I went last
year, and picked up alot of videos and cells and stuff from some
american guys that came up.

If anyone wants anymore info, I have the info sitting right in front of
me.  You can either ask through the mailing list, or e-mail me at
elisteabear at geocities.com

Ba bye

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