[EVA] exodus (spam)

Shien-Mo Hou Totorocat at worldnet.att.net
Sat May 23 22:24:08 EDT 1998

Antookis wrote:

>>DJ needs to be cut down to size with a progressive knife,
>Well if I remember right (and I never do) DJ is supposed to small for his
>age. Maybe 3 foot 1 inches? Honestly just making your character short is

Oh.  I meant ego-wise ^_^.

>not going to make a character weak. Just look at PenPen and Mokona. Then DJ
>is supposed to make up for it in muscle..And that makes me laugh. 

Something about PenPen's little "booster-type-thingey" makes me a little
suspicious.  One of these days Gainax is going to have to release the exact
nature of that device (what does it do?).

                                                Sorry for the spam,


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