Eric Seat seat at erols.com
Sun May 24 23:13:57 EDT 1998

Mark Eymer wrote:

> I may be wrong on this, and someone ream me if I am, but... If I gave
> birth to a human I must be a human. Only a human can give birth to
> another human (unless of course you're Rei, and are a clone, but that's
> beside the point). As I understand it, and again, I may be wrong, I seem
> to remember somewhere within Eva hearing "All things of Lilith must
> return to Lilith" or something of that nature... Anyhow, my point would
> be that if something is OF something else it would usually mean a part
> of, ie a child of. Therefore, to give birth to angels, Lilith would have
> to be an angel, would she not?

Yes, according to science.  However, this is the Eva world we're talking
about here.  Lillith / Adam / angels story is based off of Jewish / Christian
folklore.  Therefore, there must be some kind of God involved (at least,
that's what I think).  If the angels were born from Lillith, and Lillith is
an angel, but the Judeo-Christian God created Lillith, wouldn't that make God
an angel too, according to your theory?

-Eric Seat

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