[EVA] Why didn't this have a subject?

Antookis Antookis at worldnet.att.net
Mon May 25 00:27:18 EDT 1998

Mark Eymer wrote:

>I may be wrong on this, and someone ream me if I am, but... If I gave
>birth to a human I must be a human. Only a human can give birth to
>another human (unless of course you're Rei, and are a clone, but that's
>beside the point). As I understand it, and again, I may be wrong, I seem
>to remember somewhere within Eva hearing "All things of Lilith must
>return to Lilith" or something of that nature... Anyhow, my point would
>be that if something is OF something else it would usually mean a part
>of, ie a child of. Therefore, to give birth to angels, Lilith would have
>to be an angel, would she not?

     Weellllll....You still can't ignore the facts. Lilith is not the first
or second angel. If Lilith was an angel, which would make so much more
since, then I don't think she would be of the 18 mentioned.

>I thought it was said earlier by someone that the angels were of Lilith
>and humans were also of Lilith, hence making humanity an angel. It would
>also explain why Angel and human DNA is so similar...

 It really is odd that an Angel is 99.89% match to that of a human. Since
when is the last time you saw a human with toilet paper arms? (Don't answer
that). Humanity is supposed to be an angel, the 18th to be exact. I have to
go and lay down now. My head hurts.
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