[EVA] . . .speaking of the MAGI

Neow Neow kalyno at yesic.com
Mon May 25 01:38:28 EDT 1998

I have a question that someone might be able to answer

Magi is divided up into Akagi (Ritsuko's Moms) 3 personalities.  Mother,
Woman and Scientist

The Magi's 3 parts are named Casper, Balthasar (Sp?) and Melchior.

Which personality goes with which part of Magi?

The possibilities (Random guesses

Mother                    Woman            Scientist
Casper                Balthasar            Melchior

Mother                    Woman            Scientist
Melchior                Casper              Balthasar

Mother                    Woman            Scientist
Balthasar                Melchior          Casper

Which one do you think is right???

StarCraft Saga

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