[EVA] Some Asuka skit ideas

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Mon May 25 21:05:41 EDT 1998

At 09:58 PM 5/25/98 +1000, you wrote:
>One of my friends will be cosplaying Asuka in a plug suit that we both
>designed for Project A-kon, and I wrote a few skits for her.  Here they
>are- have fun!
>1) "Hello, I'm Sohryu Asuka Zeppelin Langley.  I'm the
>smartest, most able and the best looking of the Children.  I
>can pilot a Evangelion *much* better than dumb Shinji, and
>I'm much more *nicer* than stupid Wonder Girl.  And I'm
>smarter than the both of them put together.  Do you know
>about Thermal Expansion?  It's when you warm something up, it
>expands.  Now, if I warm you up, will you expand?"

Hah. That sounds great!!! It even sounds like Asuka.

>2) Otaku 1:  Hey, look at the neat Asuka poster I got!
>She's so sweet!
>Otaku 2:  That's nothing, look at the Asuka model I bought!
>What a babe!
>Asuka:  Well, why not try the *real* thing?
>Otaku 1: Lookit the Asuka key ring!
>Otaku 2: I gotta these Asuka trading cards!
>Asuka: An-ta BAKA!
>(much slapping of fanboys ensures)

This skit is going to be difficult .... Especially making the slapping not
too ridiculous.

>3) Kunou:  Hello, I'm Kunou, and I'm looking for my little
>red haired temptress.  She's feisty, fiery and wields a mean
>kick.  Oh, where is she?
>Asuka (off stage):  What is this?  Another boring Ranma
>skit?  I thought I was on now!  Out of my way!
>Asuka (on stage): Hello- I'm Asuka, the Second Child, I'm
>the smartest and best Evangelion pilot! (pose)
>Kunou: My red haired temptress! (dives at Asuka)
>Asuka: WHAAT?  Get off me!
>(Asuka kicks Kunou off stage)
>Asuka: I'm feisty and fleet, nice and neat,
>I'm Asuka Langely and I wanna declare
>I'm the best EVA pilot and as any Angels see
>I fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee- YEEAHH!
>(Translate same verse in German.)
>(Asuka goes off, wiggling her bottom provocatively ?:-)

This sounds suspicious OOC but then who cares its funny!!!

jiaming at pacific.net.sg

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