[EVA] Asuka in love

Eric Givens EGIVENS at hope.gordonc.edu
Tue May 26 15:41:25 EDT 1998

I would like to comment on all of the talk about Asuka's romantic life.  
Somebody made the point last week that Asuka is 'doomed' to be hooked up with 
the leading man (as in NXE, DJ Croft). I, personally, think Asuka and Shiji
belong togther and any attempt to divert their romantic interest eleswhere (be
it to original characters or existing ones-Rei? come on!) goes against the
grain of the characters.  Of course,fanfics and such are all in good fun and 
all of us do find it interesting to explore alternate realities from the 
original storyline.

In any case, this probably doesn't really need to be said (but I'll say it
anyway ;) but let's not forget that Asuka is much more than the 'leading man's
chick'; she is as deeply troubled and complex as Shiji, and at times even more
so.  She is often portrayed in fanfics (Andrew Huang excepted) as one 
dimensional "anta baka" character (at least what I have read.  If I'm wrong, 
point the fics out to me, I'd love to read them).  Asuka is as deep and 
intriguing as Rei, Shinji, Misato, Gendo or any other characters in the series.
I would like to see more exploration of her character in fanfics and such (I'm
working in a couple myself)

Minor Spoilers for EoE*********

Aas far as some posts recently saying that it is highly 'unlikely' that Asuka
and Shinji belong together, I must disagree.  This is of course your opinion
and we are all entitled to our own, and, as has been discussed earlier today, 
the end of EoE does leave the two in a debatable situation.  But, IMO, Shinji
and Asuka are drawn together by their situation and the similarities between
them.  The both lost both of their parents in one way or another (by death or
abandonment), and they both have reacted to this in majorly different ways: 
Shinji is introverted, hiding his emotions, Asuka is extroverted, amplifying
her emotions till they all turn into anger and aggression.  They both, however,
are looking for acceptance and companionship; a very important ingredients in
all of our lives that was taken away by their parents, and, in their own way, 
they eventually find it in each other.  No, its not a perfect romance.  Asuka
sums it up well at the end of the movie.  I'm not sure what i think she meant,
but I lean toward the argument that she is finally facing the way she really
feels about Shinji, and she is not used to it.

While I'm on this subject, the fact that Asuka appears in the beach scene at 
the end with exactly the same bandages as Rei appeared in (are they exact?) 
seems extremely significant.  I haven't seen the movie yet so I can't really
comment, but the fact that she sustained massive injuries in her EVA (I don't
really think that she could have survived) and the fact that she is wearing the
same bandages that the clones of Rei wore whenever they were new (whether she
was injured or not) seems to say to me that Asuka really did die, but when 
Shinji refused to go ahead with the Third Impact he initiated his own personal
version of the HCP which looked into his heart and found what he truly desired:
Asuka.  I'm not saying that I think she's a clone or anything.  I'm just
hypothesising about what the hell happened at the end (but will we ever know?)
Oh well.  Sorry if I rambled.  Asuka and Shinji do that to me ^_^

As always, comments are welcome (and expected, and feared :)


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