[EVA] Unit 1 godhood?

Fabrizio Lunardi alpha at ats.it
Tue May 26 23:47:26 EDT 1998

Tom Rothamel wrote:

> On Tue, 26 May 1998, Tatewaki Kuno wrote:
> > They seemed to think that since unit 1 took the S2 orbit
> > into itself it was now a "god". But since the eva is just a clone of an
> > angel(?) and all angels have an S2 orbit, why wouldn't unit 1 be more
> > like a true angel.
> The S2 engine that 01 aquires allows it to operate indefinately, with the
> AT Field is up. This allows the Eva to leave the Tokyo-3 area and still
> operate effectively.
> > Doesn't Seele itself arm the mass produced evas with
> > S2 orbits? Is the word god misused or is it correct?
> At this time the MP evas were still under development. Had Nerv been so
> inclined, they could have sent 01 on a rampage through the SEELE
> facilities. This is God-like power.

Don't forget Tom that the MP EVA got dummy as pilot so they miss a human soul
and therefore are a lot less dangerous that EVA. Seele said that a human
soul, an eva and an S2 are like a god

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