[EVA] "Talent borrows, but genius steals"

Ryan Tyrrell rtyrrell at i-cafe.net
Tue May 26 18:06:26 EDT 1998

In this month's issue of Next Generation, they have a preview
of an upcoming game from Accolade entitled "Slave Zero". In
this game, you pilot a 6 story tall biomechanical creature called
a Slave through a city, destroying other mechs(which look more
like old style mechs) with the ultimate goal of destroying some
power source.

What makes this relevant to the ML? The mech design is almost 
completely lifted from Evangelion. Let's see, it's a dark grey, 4
eyed humanoid shaped creature with shoulder fins. It's jaw opens. 
Basically, it looks like Unit 03 with Unit 02's head, with it's joints
having a pinkish muscle like quality(kind of Guyver-esque). 
The only real departure from the Evangelion "look" are long claws
on the Slave's hands.

So far NextGen doesn't have a preview of Slave Zero up on their
website, otherwise I'd have given a link to it. But, next time
you're at the magazine rack, thumb through it. It's the issue
with Legend of Zelda on the cover (42)

So, what do you think? Personally, I think it's a little rude _not_
to come up with an original design, but I'll forgive them if 
Accolade can deliver on the gameplay elements they talk about.


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