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>I saw eps. 21-2 in Japan before I saw the ADV subs. I gotta say I was kind
>of sad at how, for want of a better term, crappy the scenes which got
>updated are. And another thing - if you've seen the updated ep. 21, you'd
>be pretty sure that Kaji has slept with Asuka...
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Wha..? I have that newer tape, and while I can't understand the dialog 
of that scene(and do not have a translation for it) I didn't get that 
interpretation of it. To me, it seemed that Asuka was trying to show Kaji
that she was woman by ripping her bodice open. Kaji didn't look too impressed,
because she is just a child. It was an embarassing moment, one that the
angel later dredges up as one of her painful memories.

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