Magi k96mm04 at cc.kzoo.edu
Thu May 28 11:21:01 EDT 1998

	"The Abyss", Bio teachers, etcetera.  LCL, in EVA as I have been
lead to belive, is like amniotic fluid, you know, that stuff we 'breath'
for nine months.  That's the stuff in the Abyss, and probably the stuff
the bio techers are talking about.  As for not getting it out, false.
Outright not true.  The fluid is quite littraly nutrient rich, liquid O2.
Your body need a little transition time between the two, but they act the
same way.  

Matt McConnel

"Hey!  HEY!  Easy, your body beathed this for nine months.  Just give it a
chance to remember."
--The Abyss

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