[EVA] Asuka and Kaji (slight spoilers)

Huy Nguyen huyster at rocketmail.com
Thu May 28 10:53:05 EDT 1998

---Eric Givens <EGIVENS at hope.gordonc.edu> wrote:
> Wha..? I have that newer tape, and while I can't understand the dialog 
> of that scene(and do not have a translation for it) I didn't get that 
> interpretation of it. To me, it seemed that Asuka was trying to show Kaji
> that she was woman by ripping her bodice open. Kaji didn't look too impressed,
> because she is just a child. It was an embarassing moment, one that the
> angel later dredges up as one of her painful memories.

Well, Asuka's cute and all but Kaji already has the woman... with bigger
breasts. ^_^

"I'd rather have my head between Misato's breasts right now.",

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