[EVA][n*ise] the lifecycle of the mailing list

Damon Ayanami sonicpowr2 at hotmail.com
Thu May 28 12:29:41 EDT 1998

>>>Realizing that real life is infinitely more complex than this, and 
that posting off-topic meta-forwards is a good way to earn anti-karma 
points, redeemable for a list ban.<<<

who said anything about "real" life? this is about the list. and i think 
its fairly accurate, except for the fact that it has a moderator.

i'm sorry, but i posted it because it seemed to me like it very much had 
to do with the list. a lot of what was mentioned reflects what i see 
going on.

>>>Plan these things, and it doesn't work.<<<

could you explain?

>>>[B5 Spoilers, to replace one off-topic thread with another.]<<<

again could you explain, i'm stupid. and to me, there is an even more 
annoying thing on the list, tv-spoilers arent differentiated from 
movie-spoilers. there is a large difference because the tv episodes are 
greatly available, the movies not-so-much. [mov-spoiler] [tv-spolier].

plus i think i was within bounds, because i marked my post as being 
off-topic, (just about) like it says within yr guidelines in the FAQ of 
list rules. so people can delete if they dont want to read it.

okay. dont worry. expect a flurry of EVA-only discussion from me.

jah ne.

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