Tom Rothamel tom-pine-1 at computerworks.net
Thu May 28 21:13:26 EDT 1998

On Thu, 28 May 1998, Magi wrote:

> 	"The Abyss", Bio teachers, etcetera.  LCL, in EVA as I have been
> lead to belive, is like amniotic fluid, you know, that stuff we 'breath'
> for nine months.  That's the stuff in the Abyss, and probably the stuff
> the bio techers are talking about.  As for not getting it out, false.
> Outright not true.  The fluid is quite littraly nutrient rich, liquid O2.
> Your body need a little transition time between the two, but they act the
> same way.  

Bzzt! Wrong.

Amniotic fluid, unlike LCL or the stuff from "The Abyss", cannot carry
oxygen. Assuming you're a mammal, during the time you were in your
mother's womb, oxygen was supplied via the umbilical cord and 
placenta, not via the amniotic fluid.

If you're not a mammal, than all bets are off.

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