[EVA] D&R (Spoilers?)

Florencio B. de la Merced, Jr. fmerced at pworld.net.ph
Sun May 31 12:34:23 EDT 1998

From: Brendan Jamieson <bjamieson17 at hotmail.com>

>Actually it was a VHS. It had Chinese subtitles, tho I can't read
>Chinese any better than I can undersatnd Japanese ^_^ On the
>Ecaflowne.com web site, in the fansub sect, he writes:
>-Eva: D&R -Off satelite channel, not Chinese Subbed version.
> So I am assuming that it's the one shown in theaters. I don't think the
>portion I'm talking about is Anno's l-a preview, since there aren't any
>people in it, just what looked like a lobby with voices... or something.
>Who knows? :P

So I was right, ne?  Either way, it was Kihl's voice in the background...and
in the beginning of Rebirth, well almost the beginning, SEELE and the two
heads of NERV were debating for the last time...so it would seem it all
started there...the movie, I mean...DEATH, that is...since Rebirth started
off from Shinji's POV.

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