[EVA] Nadia, Adam, and Gargoyle fanfic?

George Chen george at netobjects.com
Sun May 31 00:43:41 EDT 1998

<some spoilers for both Nadia and Evangelion>

>Long Answer:
>Yes, but only if I can work a few things out to my satisfaction. I'm
>working on a plot that combines the two series without entirely destroying
>one or the other. I don't want to do Nadia with Eva characters, Eva with
>Nadia characters, or Babylon 5 with both casts. 

I wouldn't think "cross-over" will be a good idea, but with the mention
of "Adam" being "artificially" created in Nadia and the wide use of Old
Testament stories in it....it certainly shouldn't be hard to connect
Nadia and Evangelion together....actually, it was the whole "Adam" thing
I missed in the past...during the latest re-watch of Nadia, I notice
Gargoyle mention "Adam" for the first time (dah).

>I want to stay true to the spirits of both shows, as well as keeping
>historical accuracy with all of Nadia and all of Eva up to the point of
>departure. And try and justify some of the convergence.

I don't think you need too many justification... So far, I don't see
problem connecting both due to the fact that they are not too far apart
in terms of time and that makes it totally possible for us to see Jean
(in his 80s or 90s obviously) meet up with say....the young Keel for
certain reason for the plot development.

>I don't want it to be a time travel story.

Well, your South Pole Giant of Light one's not bad....

>Lastly, and most importantly, I want to do a decent job of capturing the
>characters. The (virtual) pen will not hit the (virtual) paper until I
>finish a complete re-watch of both series.

Actually, I am curious to see how the senior citizen version of Nadia
would beat up Jean. ^_-;

Again, I think technically, it is very easy to put the 2 things
together....but what you need is a good plot...sub-plot...etc. ;)


p.s. -OT: Finally, saw some of the Nadia Omake Theater....they are SO
CUTE and FUNNY!!!!!! ^_^

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