[EVA] why did asuka..

Tenchi MP tenchimp at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 1 00:47:42 EST 1999

David Smith wrote:

>Habit.  She'd gotten so used to the idea of them having to do 
>together that, since she was half-asleep and not remembering that she 
>to _not_ sleep with Shinji, she just continued on as she normally would 

ahh..thats the most logical explenation. I dont buy Dafto's 'she wanted 
to get some' ;) 

heh....and actually i dont think she did it to tease him. Because what 
would she have done if Shinji DID make a move? ^_^*

-Tenchi MP
"I said that's besides the point damn you! My father tried to kill 
Touji, and he did it using MY hands..that BASTARD!"-Shinji/Neon Genesis 

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