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Darien99 at aol.com wrote:

> tike at tike.ml.org wrote:

> > why does it start skidding BACKWARDS?  Unless it was launched with such force
> > that it flew backwards faster than the plane was flying forwards.

> you have 3 factors, the speed of the plane, the height at which they were
> traveling, and the weight of the Eva, itself..when you look at it, it makes a
> lot of sense. It's not so much a question of force, it has to do with the
> conditions, and the prevailing winds, as well as the shock of landing from
> several hundred feet....

Uh... Actually, Tike is right. Realistically speaking, there really is
no way it could land skidding back like that (Especially since the Eva
was released from the plane, not launched with backward force). The
"other factors" that you speak of either have nothing to do with this or
would do very little to cancel out the forward momentium. Anyone who
took physics knows that in a situation like this, only thing that can
possibly interfere with the forward momentium is air resistance, and
there is no possible way it could cancel out momentium of something with
Eva's mass, much less push it backward.

Also while we are on the subject... It wasn't very realistic that Misato
and Shinji came out of that dive alive... Shinji did nothing to redirect
the downward force in any way. The effect should have been comparable to
being inside a freefalling elevator and hitting bottom, full force.
Maybe Shinji in Eva = Invincible, but Misato?

Let us now take this moment to reflect upon the First Law of Japanese
Animation :

Law of Metaphysical Irregularity - The normal laws of physics do not apply.

This is anime. What looks cool goes.

Jya ne!

Probably would have been fooled by that joke posting if Andrew had not
fallen into the trap beforehand. ^_^

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