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>> back of the plane, and it hits the ground, why does it start skidding

Because the average anime watcher does not necessarily understand the
basics of projectile physics (last visitted in a fairly fun Lance of
Longinus thread).

>It's not so much a question of force, it has to do with the
>conditions, and the prevailing winds, as well as the shock of landing from
>several hundred feet....

It HAS TO DO with inertia. The Eva is HEAVY - air resistance would be
negligable unless it fell from ridiculous altitudes. If the Eva Plane (what
are they called again?) was moving west at 250 km/h, the Eva would hit the
ground moving FORWARD (west) at 250 km/h, regardless of the vertical
velocity from its fall. This is pure physics and undebatable. Unit 01 hits
the ground and skids BACKWARDS just because it looks cool :)

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