[EVA] Dear EBJ... [was R:R:R:R:R:R:R: ad infinitum]

MMKokusai mmk at gol.com
Thu Apr 1 23:24:13 EST 1999

Since Brendan is on vacation, I will try to fill in. :)

I only have a couple of things to say about original/true/whatever.
First, some points Brendan brought up which you have not yet addressed:

1. Anno never intended for us to see both endings.
[Brendan's post] If the PTA/TV Tokyo had let Anno's original=intended 
scripts slide, we would only have seen what would become EoE (minus the 
high-end animation and some of the more "outrageous" parts). The TV end 
would *never* have been produced.

2. Time and budget considerations limited what Anno was able to do with 
the final two episodes. (ie: You can't do many action scenes with stills 
and stick figures...) Thus, [Brendan's post] regardless of his approval 
of the TV end (and he must have thought highly of it if he defended it 
so fiercely), this was not what he really wanted us to see.

Second, from your recent post:
>>And the 'true' and 'intended ending' stuff is just so confused by its 
own that I don't need to point out that you can't possibly know what's 
'true' or 'intended' about Eva

-> The facts surrounding the 'intended ending' issue are clear.
As for 'true', see below.

>>[M]y point stands even if I don't support it.

-> Oh, I really loved this line. @_@
This might have worked if you were simply stating your opinion about
your favorite ending, but not when you are trying to argue something
like [original * true] which requires facts and does not involve

Finally, you said you wanted a direct quote from Anno/GAiNAX about
whether the movies (= original ending) are the true ending, right?
Well, how about this:


Get it?


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