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David Smith dsmith at datasync.com
Thu Apr 1 09:33:01 EST 1999

  Wow, someone actually responded  :)  By the way, I think I'll call this
a Crazy Rei Theory (tm), reminiscent of the Crazy Verin Theories found in
discussions of Robert Jordan's books.
  Ok, first, it's only been a couple weeks since I last watched the series
all the way through, but I was looking for different things than what
would help in this speculation.  When I started writing the post, I didn't
have the CRT in mind, it just sort of showed up on the front doorstep
waiting to be let in.  And it was just so cuuute :)  I was just trying to
figure out what the apparition of Rei was (thus the subject, Rei's

Spoilers abound....

> At 11:33 AM 30/03/99 -0600, you wrote:
>>of course seems to indicate that the soul gathering propogated back in
>>time, making it likely that all the souls that ever existed were brought

> Interesting idea.

>>and since the angel nearly killed him a
>>few moments later, did Rei prevent it?  If he hadn't stopped to look at
>>her, would he have moved into the path of the crashing plane/angel foot?

> No, cos Sachiel was out at the other side of the city then.

  My memory of the series of events was: Rei appears, birds scatter, Rei
vanishes, plane crashes, Misato shows up, they peel out just as the
angel's foot lands.  I'll check again to verify.

>>One of the things I could never understand was the soul
>>placement in the Eva units.

> It IS explained in plain language in Patrick's translation of RCB...

  Ah, I think I've seen a couple incidental references to this (red book,
or something?).  Can you point out where I can find it?

>>It seems extremely unlikely that
>>Eva01 was built at that point.

> Well, unlikely for the purpose of your argument.

  Well, if it wasn't for the purpose of my argument, it wouldn't be there
;)  But if you can disprove it, I certainly don't mind.  I realize there
are a number of very iffy stretches in the speculation, and I fully expect
holes to be torn in it.  I'm just having fun playing with an improbable
but very intriguing conclusion  (and avoiding having to read yet again
about which ending was the 'real' one).

>   They had that graveyard of failed Eva
>>units that all looked like Eva00.

> How many prototypes of biomechanical Angel-clone humanoid demi-gods do
> think would fail before Gehirn managed to build a working one (and even
> then Unit 00 was pretty temperamental)? I don't know myself, and it can
> hardly be argued upon.

  True.  At best, it would appear as if they got one done right at the
beginning, then failed for the next ten or twenty before being successful
again later on.  Actually, Asuka's mother was used in testing, and
suicided when Asuka was, what, 6? 7? Perhaps a year or two older than
Shinji had been.  Implies that Unit 02 must have also been at least
nominally in existance at that time as well.  So I suppose there's nothing
to indicate that Unit 01 wasn't also ready for testing around that time.
Of course, now I have to wonder why they had so many identical type 00's
lying around.  Perhaps it's just inherantly more unstable than the rest?

>>Yui was in unit 00, it would be explainable as to why it went berserk
>>and tried to kill Gendou,

> "So I Married a Homicidal Bio-mechanical Monster"


>>But it leaves open
>>the question of who is then in Unit 01.

> If you want it to...

  No, if I put Yui in Unit 00, then I don't have anyone to put in Unit 01,
so the question is definitely open.  Whether it's valid, on the other

>>Rei can sync with unit 01 without problems (at
>>least, before the dummy-plug incident).  That would be possible if
>>either she or Yui were in it.

> Sez you. The accepted idea that Rei can synch with Unit 01 because her
> genetic basis and Yui's soul share an affinity, AND due to her
> with Kaworu (Kaworu-Rei polarity, outlined elsewhere) who can synch with
> any uninhabited Unit, plus the implications of her being the core of the
> dummy plug explain her ability quite well.

  Ok, drop that entire argument, then.  Yours has a much stronger basis,
and still allows me to continue on my speculation :)

>>  When Shinji is trapped in the Eva, we never actually see the spirit
>>that inhabits it.

> No offence, but watch episode 16 again, with your eyes open this time.
> Damn, that sounds mean, doesn't it...

  Perhaps I should clarify - we see -something-, but nothing identifiable.
But I'll watch it again to see if it makes more sense.

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