[EVA] question, JA episode

David Smith dsmith at datasync.com
Thu Apr 1 16:20:51 EST 1999

> In a message dated 4/1/99 1:15:42 AM Pacific Standard Time,
> asuka_langley at geocities.com writes:

> <<
>  Uh... Actually, Tike is right. Realistically speaking, there really is
>  no way it could land skidding back like that (Especially since the Eva
>  was released from the plane, not launched with backward force).>>

  Well, actually, there's one way.  If (eg) JA was walking south, and the
plane came in from the south, heading north, then after releasing the Eva,
have it reorient before it lands, ending up hitting the ground behind JA,
and sliding backwards.  Which might actually make sense, since if 01 was
released along the same line of travel as JA, it would have to stop its
momentum in the forward direction.  Being in a human-shaped body, it's
easier to break a backward slide than a forward one, especially
considering the risk of harming Misato (ignoring the terminal velocity


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