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Fri Apr 2 06:54:38 EST 1999

<<quick question: in the JET ALONE episode, when unit-01 is launched from the
back of the plane, and it hits the ground, why does it start skidding
BACKWARDS?  Unless it was launched with such force that it flew backwards
faster than the plane was flying forwards.>>

<<Realistically speaking, there really is no way it could land skidding back 
like that (Especially since the Eva was released from the plane, not launched 
with backward force). The "other factors" that you speak of either have 
nothing to do with this or would do very little to cancel out the forward 
momentium. Anyone who took physics knows that in a situation like this, only 
thing that can possibly interfere with the forward momentium is air 
resistance, and there is no possible way it could cancel out momentium of 
something with
Eva's mass, much less push it backward...>>

Actually, it is quite possible for Eva-01 to skid backwards in that episode.  
I just watched the entire scene a few times and a few things hit me.  I took 
physics my senior year of high school, and though i wasn't the best at it, i 
do remember a few things about projectile physics.  The faster the carrying 
object is going (the Eva plane), the stronger the air resistence.  That's why 
if you stick your hand out of a window of a moving car, you feel it being 
pushed back.  This means you need multiple the amount of force to go the 
raise the original amount of speed by (let's just say twice).  

Just a mock example, to show the priciple but not exactly a true figure, 
let's say you use 10 lbs of force (not dedicated to pedaling mind you, just 
the amount of force that's moving you foward, there's a difference) to ride a 
bicycle at 5 MPH.  In order for you to go 5MPH faster, you would not just 
need and additional 10lbs, it might be 13lbs additional lbs extra.  This 
means, you need 23lbs of force to go 10MPH instead of  20lbs.

How does this apply to Eva-01?  Simple, the plane that's carrying Eva-01 is 
HUGE, many, many, many times bigger than Eva-01.  Imagine the HUGE amount of 
force that is needed for that sucker to go Mach-1.  Now imagine that puny Eva 
being dropped, not launched, from the back.  The air resistance is so great, 
that it is quite possible for the Eva to go backwards.  Back to the idea, the 
bigger the object and the faster it's going all go into INCREASING the air 
resistence.  Since Eva is being moved at the larger plane's speed, the amount 
of air resistence is equal to the plane's air resistence, not the Eva's.  
this initial shock would most likely push the Eva back in mid air.

Also, the Eva, is launched horizontally.  The camera also shows that the Eva 
is in fact moving backwards while still in a horizontal position. 

If the physics stuff i mentioned just before still doesn't convince you, 
since the Eva is released from the rear, it has to contend with all the tail 
wind created by the plane, only increasing the air resistence against Eva-01.

I hope this helps in answering the question.

(The Korean Mellon with that Funky Korean Jive Groove!)

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