[EVA] question, JA episode

Jerico jmele at brandeis.edu
Fri Apr 2 19:34:14 EST 1999

<The faster and larger the object is, the greater the air resistance -
This accounts for the difficulty of large object accelerating to high
speeds (This is why we have terminal velocities).>

Exactly. Think of wind resistance as a form of friction (it helps that
it really is) which is a reactive force. We don't see blocks moving
backwards on a rough table because friction acts only in the presence of
another force.

The only physics explination I can come up with for this is simply that
Shinji reoreintated the Eva in mid-drop. The angular flight pattern
formed via parabolic motion would add both forward (relitive to Eva
carrier) and downward (again, same frame of reference) momentum (i.e.

As for other physics blunders in Eva, I'll give a *short* list:

-We can hear the lance impact the 15th angel while the angel is in orbit
(plus similiar "voice in a vacuum" nonsequitors.)
-An "anti-AT" field disrupting physical form (fields do disrupt physical
form, but its called burning or getting cancer)
-The bones in the liquified bodies somehow managing to to maintain
liquid form at room temp (calcium would precipitate at that temp)
-S2 engine/organ-> super solenoid? Give me a break. A solenoid opens and
closes power lock doors, not provide the energy necessary to curve space
-A power plug from Tokyo not providing enough energy to fire a positron
gun, but able to provide the energy to curve space time to form an AT
field (granted, I used my own interpretation of the AT field, but that's
the only one I can think of to apply to this type of inquiry.)
-The fact that the angels are described as a form of matter completely
different than that that makes up man, yet still having a recognizable
DNA pattern when there shouldn't be anything resembling DNA
-Keeping the clones from developing their own minds via input gathered
from outside the tank (much much harder than you think, and I did some
research for this for a project of mine, it turns out you would need to
sever the connection between the body and the brain to prevent brain
development in a manner condusive to serial brain experiments...Don't
ask, I'd have to kill you)
-the concept of a soul (don't flame me, its not physically possible
given the current understanding of reality. Maybe with quantum gravity,
but who knows)

I could probably continue, but I'd feel like I was adding to the
processed meat byproduct epidemic that has been plauging the Internet
since a little after its conception.

"Wouldn't it be nice if everyone would just die?"

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