[EVA] problem of perfection (was "first reactions)

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Sun Apr 4 22:51:17 EDT 1999

>>>If someone like Shinji would chose to return, then I can't imagine 
>that most of the rest of the world would chose *not* to reform.<<
>But Shinji had the capability of returning. The question that arises 
>here is whether or not the others did as well.

An even better question is *how* did shinji have the capability of 
coming out of the infinite mind.

In the infinite mind:

-There are no boundaries.

-But.  Boundaries define things by creating features or qualities.

-Without these we have homogeneity.

-Nothing can occur within a homogeneity.  There can be no process 
because process is change, and a homogeneity is always the same.

-A process doesn't just come out of nowhere.  It has to start, but 
there's nothing to start it if all the material that could act is 
already incapacitated by being undefined.  It should be an unbreakable 
stasis unless an outside force acts on it; but if the mass-mind contains 
all souls there *is* no outside force that makes a difference.

-Even if a force could act on a homogeneous thing, in this case at least 
the parts into which it was divided couldn't be reproduced unless there 
was something outside to remember how things used to be.

The answer, I think, is that shinji and asuka never were entirely 
engulfed.  That is the significance of the plug-suit.  It retains 

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